Design & Drafting

The James L Carroll & Associates residential drafting team is headed by qualified personnel who manages every phase from the planning stages right down to the last detail prior to delivery of your drafting documents. For residential projects of any size, our in-house experts provide accurate drawings using advanced CAD industry software that incorporate each aspect of your construction project.

James L Carroll & Associates design & drafting services include:

3D Rendering

Site Planning:

James L Carroll & Associates wants you to feel like you’re a part of the process. The creative development is one of the most crucial parts of home design and we want you to feel satisfied with the results. Our modern technology and great eye for detail allows us to create beautiful functional designs.

Exterior Elevations and Cross Sections

Elevation drawings are extremely useful when it comes to figuring out the details for your renovations, designs. Unlike a floor plan, it showcases the front, side, and rear views of your new home. More than one cross section is prepared --typically 3 or more which is unusual for a home design firm. These additional cross sections cut through the proposed home help explain in detail not only the intent of the designs, but the details in which the builder and subcontractors need to know.

Paper to CAD Conversion

James L Carroll & Associates transforms paper drawings by converting them to CAD files and sheets that are then drawn to full scale with precise dimensions. Our experts can convert anything from hand sketches to intricate drawings, into an accurate and professional draft for construction purposes.

CAD Drafting

We can provide services for any type of 2D or 3D project requirement including technical or shop drawings. James L Carroll & Associates drafting services includes design development from an initial sketch to the final construction documents, complete with detailed plans, elevations and sections suitable for obtaining building permits.

3D Modeling

3D models are created from 2D drawings - Photorealistic rendering for analysis and a view of any project from every possible perspective.

Professional Drafting for any Size Project

Whether you are a homeowner, building contractor, developer or design professional, James L Carroll & Associates is highly experienced at supplying efficiently prepared design & drafting for a wide range of projects.